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After half a lifetime of professional medical work we now offer for your well being the technique of

                       Emotional Body Healing.

We are Dr. Susanna Luebcke, a physician, pic right top,

and Anne Soeller, a physiotherapist, picture right bottom

We developed Emotional Body Healing about 30 years ago in Berlin, Germany and have worked with it ever since: Anne in Berlin, Susanna in Oregon, USA, and both of us on video calls. In 2003 we started teaching it in our Academy of Emotional Body Healing. Since 2019 the technique has been taught and researched at the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany.

Emotional Body Healing (EBH) is an emotion-, body-, and resource-oriented method. It is used successfully in the treatment of children and adolescents as well as adults to address psychological and physical complaints and illnesses. EBH deals primarily with deep sensing and mindful acceptance of all emotions and/or body sensations. Working with this technique empowers the individual to heal from within. Through contacting the Inner Wisdom of the body, opportunities appear and the real purpose of life is revealed.   It teaches one to understand the body's language with the mind and the mind's language with the body. Using emotions as a tool, this course of interactive therapy promotes healing.


How it works

Emotional Body Healing takes place in deep relaxation.  Being in this state, allows a person to feel and experience differently.  Together we address the problem, which could be pain, disease, psychological issues or just the wish to learn.  We "embrace" the problem, lovingly accept it, and give it a chance to express it's wants.  We understand pain to be a signal, a cry for help, so instead of fighting it, we turn to it and listen. In the state of deep relaxation truth is more obvious. It becomes clear which direction to go to start the healing process. This method is an excellent tool to broaden one's perspective not only on dis-ease, but also on thoughts or thought patterns.


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Anne Soeller

The Book and the CD

In 2009 we published the book Emotional Body Healing.  It is available in local book stores or online book sellers (in hardcover, paperback, or Kindle). It is also published in German Emotionalkoerper-Therapie and in Spanish Therapia corporal emocional. In the book the technique is explained and it instructs you through the steps to use EBH.  Here is a review:

When body and soul are in harmonious communication, we are on the ideal path to wellness and healing. The book provides precise guidance on how to apply the principles of Emotional Body Healing to oneself and others. Both authors describe in clear and understandable terms the interaction between physical symptoms and emotional entanglements and provide guidance for gentle and sustainable solutions. 25 case histories of people experiencing a wide array of different life situations help the reader gain a better understanding of the often fascinating processes that lead to healing. Emotional Body Healing provides the basis for all healing processes. Therefore this book should have its place in every household and in every therapeutic practice.


Another approach to EBH is the CD or the MP3 download "Emotional Body Healing to the Heart". It is a guided meditation spoken by Susanna and the music is written by Corinna Soeller, a concert pianist.

To order the CD/MP3 download or for contact email us at this address:


One of our early students, Olivia Wollinger of Austria, has overcome her eating disorder with the help of EBH and other methods. She wrote a fabulous book about her journey, inspiring everyone with an eating disorder. Her website in the US is